GSE Technician

4-6 month contract
1st Shift
o Provide technician GSE support which involves building, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment such as pumps, tanks, valves and plumbing related to the LOX pad, fuel pad, and other aspects of the site facilities
o Maintain, trouble shoot, and repair equipment and instrumentation as needed
o Operate and maintain hardware, high pressure systems and pumps, and other ancillary equipment including pneumatic components
o Fabricate and repair GSE hardware and equipment
o Collaborate with design engineers to develop and document GSE activities
o Ensure all materials are clean and inspected according to Clean for Oxygen Service Standards
o Build and maintain structural and engine test equipment
o Obtain and maintain licenses, operator permits or certifications as required
o Follow all necessary regulations and appropriate procedures including quality policies, safety policies, OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, NFPA, ASME, NEC, etc standards
o Develop novel ways site wide to streamline processes and increase the reliability of testing operations
o Perform a variety of related duties in support of engine testing and structural test stand programs
Basic Qualifications:
o High School Diploma or GED
o Valid Texas Driver's License, and a clean driving record
Preferred Skills and
o Associates Degree
o A&P License
o Experience in the space exploration industry, military or other high-reliability operating environment
o Experience in ground support equipment in an aerospace industry
o Mechanical aptitude and experience (work with machines and general tooling)
o Formalized mechanical training, skilled in hand and power tool usage
o A demonstrated experience where quick-thinking and problem solving plays a critical role
o Knowledge of high vacuum systems is an advantage
o Knowledge of all types of bore scope inspection equipment
o Knowledge of different fittings such as NPT and A/N
o Ability to utilize power tools and hand tools as well as heavy equipment
o Use of precision measuring instruments
o Ability to read and understand mechanical and electrical schematics
o Knowledge of hazardous systems - cryogenic, flammable, hypergolic, pyrophoric
o Knowledge of high pressure system design and handling
o Experience using test instrumentation and control components
Additional Requirements:
o General physical fitness is required for some work areas, flight hardware typically is built in tight quarters and physical dexterity is required, also the ability to lift heavy objects is required in this position ?50lbs
o Ability to work at elevated heights
o Typically exposed to work in extreme outdoor environments - heat, cold, rain
o Work performed in an environment requiring exposure to fumes, odors, and noise
o Typically 50 hour work weeks, schedule varies depending on site operational needs, flexibility required
o Overtime is frequently required for particular tasks or test series

Don't Be Fooled

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